Energy and Sustainability

Our approach to sustainability is straightforward: it’s a fast-moving and complex agenda, with an enormous and ever growing list of legislative and policy drivers, but our challenge remains unchanged – how can we enhance the value and reduce the risk of our client’s projects.

As a leading consultancy, energy and sustainability advice cuts across our core services and we focus on what is viable in reality and not just on paper.

Working with our clients we inform the design of new buildings to ensure that they adhere to the principles and requirements of sustainable design and construction. However, our advice goes beyond that and we put a focus on reducing energy use and the costs of occupying buildings, considering all relevant costs and revenues associated with the construction, ownership and occupation of an asset, providing the most cost-effective balance of capital and revenue costs over the life of a building.

Our energy and sustainability services include:

  • energy audits and appraisals
  • energy efficient design
  • renewable technologies advice
  • strategic direction and planning
  • stakeholder engagement and change management
  • sustainable cost and project management