The homes hidden in plain sight

Our advice is simple. You will have Hidden Homes, let us identify them for you.

Using our hidden homes viability model, we have been working with clients to efficiently review sites, take into account planning restrictions, costs and values and provide them with an individual site appraisal. We can vary the tenure mix and the financial model to align it with your available funding and housing objectives.

Opportunities to get people into homes is being missed and we truly believe that hidden within the large housing portfolios of London’s 33 Local Authorities and multiple Registered Providers is the ability to increase the housing stock by 5 – 10%.

These secret sites can deliver new homes at zero cost, improve asset performance and resident satisfaction. While a challenge, they are already well connected to the community and make use of the existing local shops and transport links. By making the most of our client’s existing land and buildings, Local Authorities and Registered Providers can deliver more housing and a positive return for their accounts.

Download a copy of our Hidden Homes Brochure
Download a copy of our Hidden Homes Brochure