Information communications and technology

Technology has started a revolution in construction. From CAD to BIM, every technology advancement has reduced cost and programme and increased quality for construction clients. Our in-house team of developers and data analysts produce bespoke software, and a range of off-the-shelf programmes, to deliver your projects more efficiently.

Our Programme and Cashflow Manager: a centralised early warning tool that provides a dynamic view of the effect funding changes and programme overruns on budgets and cash flow projections.

Asset 360: an asset investment model that takes into account both financial and social measures of assets to determine where investment will have the highest impact and which assets should be considered for disposal or change of use.

Other software helps our clients manage defects, monitor supplier performance, get the best value from framework suppliers, and reduce energy costs.

Our information and communication technology services include:

  • Bespoke software
  • Defects Manager
  • KPI Manager
  • Programme and Cashflow Manager
  • Asset Cost Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Cost Estimating Manager
  • Carbon Emission Manager