Working for us

For over 30 years we have known the secret to success at John Rowan and Partners and it’s something we don’t mind sharing with you, as it’s fairly simple. The secret to our success has been our people and as much as this sounds like a fanciful PR statement it is true.

We are only as good as the consultants who work with our clients. By attracting, training, investing in and retaining the best people in the industry, we have continued to grow.

Now in our 34th year, we have seen high levels of unemployment quickly followed by periods of growth and the inevitable skills shortage. Back in 2009 we developed The Pledge initiative to encourage companies to take on paid internships through the Government’s Graduate Talent Pool.

Now seven years on it is a very different picture and according to the latest Construction Skills Network Forecasts 2016 – 2020 report, the output of the UK construction industry is projected to expand at an annual average rate of 2.5% over the 2016 to 2020 period. This is of course good news however, the report also shows that with it comes the inevitable challenge of recruiting an additional 230,000 new workers in the next few years.