Joint Venture Supervisor

We are experts in joint venture projects and have been working on them since 2008, helping our partners deliver approximately 1,500 new homes in London. Our specialist team will help you get it right.

As Joint Venture Supervisors, we play a huge role in helping partners achieve more and deliver projects beyond their own capacity whilst sharing risk and reward. Our specialists have extensive experience with delivering large scale developments whilst expertly managing the interests of all joint venture parties.

We can facilitate open conversations around your individual objectives at the start and bear these differences in mind when undertaking the initial project management as well as helping to shape the agreed roles and responsibilities.

When issues occur, which they do, then there is always an option to review priorities and viability or reprogramme/rephase to keep things on track.

Like any successful partnership – trust, honesty and clear communication is vital.

Our Joint Venture Supervisor services include:

  • Facilitation of team workshops at kick-off, mid-point, pre-handover and post occupation stages – helping to deliver on promises made
  • Project set up and execution plan
  • Pre and post-contract project and cost management
  • Facilitate the smooth running of the contracts having a duty of care to all of the joint venture partners
  • Chairing Strategic Core Group meetings
  • Carrying out due diligence
  • Value Engineering, Value Management and Risk Management exercises
  • Participate in the operation of an Early Warning system
  • If appropriate lead on the formulation and administration of a Partnering Charter