Working in the education sector

Programming and timing is integral to any construction project, but especially in the education sector. Schools, colleges and universities operate under immovable programmes, and buildings have to be ready for term-times and exam periods. For operational buildings (extensions or refurbishments), health and safety is also critical, with strict separation between works and building users.

Our services range from feasibility studies to the delivery of new build schools.

At ACS Cobham International School we were appointed as quantity surveyors on a proposed extension to the school admin offices, creating a new reception and headmaster’s office. After initial surveys, we had a number of concerns that original designs were fundamentally flawed and would deliver a poor quality reception space. We also suspected the original budget was insufficient. Our value engineering resulted in cost savings that bought the project within the client’s budget.

We monitored the construction of Middle Row Primary School, which offers over 200 places for pupils aged 3-11. The majority of pupils at Middle Row have English as a second language and require additional support in their speech and language skills. The new nursery is spacious with enough room for the children to play and socialise, developing their communication skills.

For Southern Road Primary School, we conducted stock condition surveys to devise five and 30 year cost plans for maintenance and renewel, helping the school budget and ensure the building was suitable and safe for pupils to use.