Head of RDR Paul O’Connor celebrates 25-year milestone at John Rowan and Partners

People thinking about people – that’s our company motto and it seems extremely appropriate as we say a huge congratulations to one of our long-serving people, head of our Residential Development and Regeneration (RDR) team, Paul O’Connor, who celebrates a 25-year milestone here at John Rowan and Partners.

A formidable career that started on the back of a letter Paul wrote to John Rowan and Partners, having spotted them in the Yellow Pages all those years ago.  He outlined his enthusiasm to pursue an Higher National Certificates (HNC) in surveying and the rest, they say, is history.

And a fruitful history it has been: “I’ve spent a significant amount of time at John Rowan and Partners, that’s been both professionally rewarding and personally, having also met my wife here!” said Paul.

Paul’s career path at John Rowan and Partners has seen him progress through the business to now head up our RDR team. One significant moment in his career came when he moved to Christchurch in New Zealand in 2011 to help in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake, after an ex-colleague reached out.

“My tenure in Christchurch was transformative. Reflecting post-experience, I understood the depth of my personal and professional evolution.

“The 15-month experience wasn’t just about the job; living amidst the aftershocks taught me resilience and empathy. It wasn’t just an assignment; it was a journey that significantly shaped my professional trajectory. The venture, facilitated by John Rowan and Partners, became a pivotal part of our international expansion, spanning New Zealand to Dubai.”

Once back, Paul continued his career with us, met his wife Kim and is now Head of our RDR team. But what’s kept him working here for so long?

Paul explains: “I can honestly say when I first walked into the office for my interview 25 years ago, I felt an immediate connection with the warm environment and the genuine people.

“This feeling has remained unchanged over the years. The core values that guide my personal life resonate deeply with how our business operates. We prioritise and care about our people, both those we work for and with.

“John Rowan, the man behind our name, epitomised this ethos. Contrary to my initial impression that he might be a distant figurehead, he was present, approachable, and deeply involved. His approach set the tone for the entire business – personal, accessible, and devoid of any hierarchical pretence.

“The relationships I’ve cultivated over the years with colleagues and clients are testament to the nurturing and family environment we’ve fostered.

“But it’s not all work, work, work; we have plenty of fun along the way – I even met my wife working here!”

Thank you for your continued drive and dedication within the RDR team Paul, and the wider John Rowan and Partners family. You have been an integral part of our success and long may it continue!