Spreading festive cheer and generosity at John Rowan and Partners

This festive season, the team at John Rowan and Partners once again embraced the holiday spirit by participating in Christmas Jumper Day, a heartwarming initiative in support of Save the Children.

Last Thursday, our amazing staff, whether working from the comfort of their homes, bustling in the office, engaged in project sites, or participating in offsite activities, united in donning their quirkiest, most festive jumpers. The aim? To extend a helping hand to children worldwide, ensuring they have access to safety, health, and education. The collective effort resulted in a remarkable achievement, raising a grand total of £730, which includes a generous matched donation from the company.

But our commitment to making a positive impact doesn’t stop there. John Rowan and Partners is proud to continue supporting the Crash Charity Christmas Card Appeal. This year, we will be spreading joy digitally by sending out e-Christmas cards to all our valued clients, colleagues, and friends. The proceeds from this initiative will contribute towards aiding individuals experiencing homelessness and those in need of hospice care.

Mash Halai, Managing Director, commented, “At JRP, we take pride in living our values, and our ethos is encapsulated in the phrase ‘people thinking about people.’ Supporting these charities during the festive season has become an integral part of our office tradition.”

As we navigate through the holiday season, the team at John Rowan and Partners remains dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those less fortunate, embodying the true spirit of giving.