Store Wars – working with one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains.

In 2015 we were appointed to Sainsbury’s framework of service providers for the provision of cost consultancy services. Our role is to support Sainsbury’s national construction and improvement works over the next four years. The supermarket has around 1,200 existing stores and the projects are varied from space re-configuration and concession modelling to store refurbishment.

With the big supermarkets all having a solid foundation of stores across the UK there isn’t a glaring need for new large developments. However defending market share is a key strategy for them and the real competition lies with maximising the development options within their existing stores.

Long gone is the time when supermarkets just sold food and drink and nowadays you can buy everything from swimsuits to flat screen TVs. Many of the UK’s superstores are vast and there is huge opportunity to make the best use of the space available – dead and unprofitable space is simply not an option.