Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton

An iconic landmark hotel on the Southampton waterfront. John Rowan and Partners have performed multiple services for this Westmont Hospitality Group owned hotel offering 173 bedrooms, 10 meeting rooms, health club and spa, the boardwalk restaurant and hamtun atrium bar & bistro.

In 2014 we were instructed to undertake a health check prior to acquisition of the hotel. We identified improvements including: an increase to the number of accessible rooms, repairs to aluminium window seals and the leaking Atrium, we discovered issues with the air handling and ventilation, units to the kitchen and a number of rooms. The geo-therm heating provisions within the hotel were not operating efficiently. The system was found to be more costly than running boilers, therefore a complete new installation was advised. Overhaul of the lifts were needed and updates to the spa facilities and 3 restaurants and cafés. New recommendations to the hotel’s cladding and exterior were also made to combat high sea winds.

Once our recommendations had been made we were further instructed to carry out the delivery of refurbishing the 173 guest rooms, 21 suites, public areas, meeting rooms and a newly configured bar and restaurant, along with the introduction of air conditioning into the guest rooms.

The hotel continued trading during the refurbishment and construction stages, the project required detailed programme management and negotiation with local authorities, architects, designers and contractors. Costs were managed using our Purchase Order Manager which was integrated into the FF&E supply chain.

Our sustainability team achieved major cost savings through water restrictors being installed to various areas throughout the hotel, including guestrooms and 50 public area taps at an initial cost of £2,380 for installation. We measured the water consumption figures obtained from the hotel, comparing that against the previous year. The figures saw a small decrease in cost and consumption for the small meter and a dramatic decrease of over 50% for the large meter, a month on month decrease of 6%.

Over a year the hotel is saving around £55,000 since the water flow restrictors were installed.