Greene King –¬†Asset Optimisation

John Rowan and Partners approached Greene King with the idea of a planning audit of its existing London property portfolio to identify opportunities to optimise asset value.

The Planning Consultancy team prepared, initiated and co-ordinated a staged approach to the identification of value-generating potential within the client’s existing London estate.

An initial feasibility exercise involved reviewing the whole London portfolio against a range of operational, locational and land use value considerations. This in turn, led to more detailed assessment of individual properties, including the full range of planning policy and site-specific considerations and understanding of local planning authorities’ approach to similar proposals. Working with architects, engineers and costs consultants, a range of alternative development options was prepared for each site, with specific consideration of the potential impact on the existing operation of the public house, to provide clarity on the opportunity and likely risks and costs.

Following presentation and discussion of the options with the client, specific approaches were agreed for each site. The Planning Consultancy team was then appointed to lead the consultant team in the delivery of the necessary additional value. As phase I, planning permission and listed building consent was delivered on 11 sites with the greatest added value potential to create a boutique hotel brand and/or high quality residential accommodation.