Hog Hill

Hog Hill was the new cycle circuit for the 2012 Olympic Games. The development in Redbridge hosted competitions and replaced the nearby Eastway Cycle Circuit in Stratford which is now where the Olympic VeloPark and BMX track are situated.

The site for the development was selected after consultation with various user groups due to its local sensitivity. Additionally, the presence of bats and great crested newts lead to the project becoming more complicated in order to facilitate the removal and relocation of the newts in accordance with legal and ecological requirements. Furthermore, this lead to additional challenges such as phasing of works and sensitive working around newt habitation.

The complexities associated with the project required interaction with not only the client’s construction consultant teams but various ecological and environmental consultants and specialist cycle track designers, along with the end user interest and stakeholder groups. We acted as project managers and cost consultants on the development.