Sushi Daily

As part of our place on the service providers’ framework, for the provision of cost consultancy services at Sainsbury’s, we have helped to launch the first Sushi Daily into the Richmond Upon Thames store.

Sushi daily currently operate more than 450 fully-serviced Sushi Kiosks across Europe, employing 2500 people in 7 countries – their Kiosks are mainly in and outside of grocery stores, supermarkets, airports and train stations. Sushi daily use trained Sushi artisans who freshly prepare the Sushi in front of customers.

John Rowan and Partners understood the client requirements / aspirations
to produce feasibility costs for stores. We applied cost control mechanisms and closely liaised with the client to review and agree final account submission.

The challenge was to understand the level of ‘buy in’ among shoppers on this new concept and what was the demographic of shoppers in store’s catchment area. Then there were further logistics around preparing Sushi in a live environment in stores and where would the location of the pod be to be effective.

The agreed final account was 2% lower than contract value although a few variations were included during construction phase.