John Rowan and Partners worked with Tesco PLC, one of the world’s largest retailers, on a chilled and ambient shelving retrofit to 750 Tesco stores in the UK.

Working with the Tesco project delivery team, we created a live stock monitoring system and project databases, alongside other IT systems and processes we had also developed to identify and accurately record store requirements.

From these databases we could track the work across the entire national programme. In order to reduce the project costs, the client had already introduced a 3-stage transport structure involving manufacturer, central and regional distribution.

We visited all points of the chain and implemented management solutions to better identify the stock levels and track shipments at each stage. By working with the client’s supply chain we were able to understand the logistics issues at each level.

Our systems were then used to generate daily shipment schedules based upon the available stock components, this helped in minimising the timescales needed to complete the project. Following the initial appointment, our systems and appropriate controls were embedded into the future projects from the outset, thus minimising errors and allowing live management reporting of daily progress against programmed targets and previous benchmarked timescales and costs.