Asbestos Compliance

We are seeing a rise in HSE prosecutions of landlords, and also claims from residents, from failure to identify asbestos in construction works. We want to ensure our clients are protected and their risks reduced – risks of prosecution, compensation payouts, reputation and construction cost rectification.

Our role is to support our clients in discharging their duties under the various UK and EU legislation, in particular the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. We can review and audit current asbestos
arrangements to provide a complete health check on the policies and procedures in place to manage Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), followed by a summary of recommendations and practical solutions to attend to only the items that need to be addressed.

Specific elements of the role include:

  • Formally monitor the performance of the appointed asbestos team (consultants and removal contractors) in order to assess
    their compliance with statutory requirements and ongoing competency to undertake asbestos related works
  • Collation and distribution of a monthly report based on agreed KPI’s and other important factors
  • Assisting with ongoing formal competency assessments of prospective asbestos consultants and contractors
  • Review and implement existing asbestos policies and asbestos management plans
  • Reviewing management actions following periodic inspections, changes in regulations and / or current good practice and industry knowledge
  • Assess all existing asbestos information from third parties and prepare detailed asbestos scopes and specifications in relation to proposed activities
  • Deal with all contractor interfaces in relation to asbestos remedial activities
  • Act as a reference point to deal with all asbestos related
  • Attend where necessary all meetings to assess what is required to deliver the service
  • Collate and review asbestos data across client’s property portfolio, overseeing, reviewing and implementing a pro-active management plan including prioritised actions for removal, encapsulation and re-inspection, as determined by risk
  • Assisting the asbestos team in management of the re- inspection process
  • Reviewing and oversee all significant asbestos remedial projects
  • Review asbestos contractor’s front end and post documentation for significant asbestos removal works
  • Attend site where necessary to investigate and manage any asbestos related incidents or complaints (if applicable)

Email if you require any advice or further information.