John Rowan and Partners is pledging its support to the London’s Green Belt Submission to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) consultation.

Following the recent proposal to de-designate specific areas of London’s green belt in a radical bid to combat the ongoing housing crisis in the city, we feel strongly about adding our voice to those of the many politicians, academics, economists, charities and housing associations who have shown their support as signatories.

The proposal seeks an amendment to the NPPF in order to allow the building of new homes on any green belt land within 10 minutes’ walk of a rail or tube station that gives access to London Zone 1 within 45 minutes, excepting any land of environmental significance.

The campaign is being led by Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh, who identified several so-called green belt sites which are protected from development but are, in reality, wastelands and even junkyards, inaccessible to the public.

We have a long-standing commitment to providing affordable housing in London and this proposal estimates that, if freed up, such land could provide around a million new homes in London. With the growing number of families in temporary accommodation and young people seemingly trapped in private rental for good, we not only welcome this bold move to open up new space for building, but feel it is crucial to supporting the growth of the capital.

Furthermore, there is potential to have a huge impact on the housing crisis within the country as a whole if similar policies are extended to other designated green belts in England.

Let’s not forget, we have 22% of Greater London protected as green belt and 13% nationally – surely, we can tap into even just a small portion of it to provide much needed new homes?

Mash Chairman

Mash Halai, Chairman and Head of Residential Development & Regeneration, John Rowan and Partners

Image taken from Siobhain McDonagh MP for Mitcham and Morden campaign page