A2Dominion Group’s new regional HQ

A2Dominion is a leading housing provider and property developer, managing over 35,000 homes and building thousands more across London and the South East. John Rowan and Partners have enjoyed a long working relationship with the A2 Dominion Group.

The idea started with the A2Dominion group needing to consolidate a number of smaller regional offices into one regional head quarters that would house around 300 employees in Ealing, West London.

It began with the demolition of an existing 1980’s office block, previously one of the groups smaller regional offices. The new construction is a 7 storey, 30,000sqft building with three times the floor space and designed to serve not just as the regional headquarters for the Group, but a new landmark building for Ealing.

The office includes a number of energy efficient principles, such as solar photovoltaic panels, green roofs to encourage wildlife growth and there is also a rainwater harvesting scheme incorporated to reduce the building’s reliance on the local water supply, thus increasing the sustainability of the building.

The interior of the new office features intelligent lighting which is adaptable to different levels of day lighting and occupancy. The building has been designed to achieve a very good BREEAM rating.

Our role was varied throughout the project, providing strategic advice on the consolidation of smaller regional offices into one this one regional headquarter. Our services ranged from cost managers, planning, building surveyors, procurement, sustainability advice, through to health and safety advice.

The building is a excellent modern and sustainable new office and now comes with 3,000sqm of workspace and clever designs, like the orange fins on the outside of the building, which help to reduce the sound of passing traffic.