Asbestos Contractor Procurement

Appointing an appropriate Asbestos contractor is an essential undertaking to ensure
compliance with regards to the ‘Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR)’. Due to this
requirement, it is vitally important to have a fundamental understanding of the roles and
responsibilities held by different specialist Asbestos contractors. It is always recommended
that any works associated with Asbestos are undertaken by competent and qualified
contractors. The UK has some of the most stringent accreditation and licensing bodies around
the globe, and it is therefore essential that you select the right contractor for the right job.

The process of procurement can, at first, appear to be a daunting one, however, this needn’t
be the case. There are many reputable framework providers who can provide clients with an
OJUE compliant route to the Asbestos market and will facilitate the appointment of Asbestos
Survey Consultancies and Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors (LARC’s).

Appointing contractors through a reputable framework provides the following:
• Value for money – clients often see a significant saving of around 25%.
• Peace of mind – clients benefit from having a reputable partner.
• Due diligence – All contractors are heavily vetted and must meet stringent requirements
in order to become a service provider.
• Simplicity – clients avoid lengthy contract set-up delays with pre-agreed terms and
• Legislation – fully OJUE compliant.
• Flexibility – Flexibility in the planning and running of tender processes via minicompetition.

The Client Brief

Our client approached John Rowan and Partners (JRP) with a requirement to appoint new
Asbestos contractors to facilitate their requirements under ‘Control of Asbestos Regulations
2012 (CAR)’ and the management of their Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). Through a
collaborative approach we undertook extensive research with regards to the best Asbestos
framework providers the UK has to offer. It is important to undertake an element of due
diligence when approaching a framework provider due to the importance of not only service
delivery but also shared values and joint objectives.

Once a suitable framework partner had been selected JRP undertook a thorough review of
the contract particulars, SOR’s, KPI’s and minimum standards etc. We quickly established that, although the framework contracts were a fantastic starting point, they did require an element of enhancement and adjustment.

Through a joined-up approach between the client, JRP, and the framework provider, we introduced extra measures around service delivery, KPI’s, SOR’s and added values etc. As part of our involvement JRP played a fundamental role in setting out the procurement questions and establishing the scoring standard. Together with the client, JRP reviewed, assessed, and scored the formal procurement contractor responses. Our appointment continued throughout the entire process, taking a leading role in all contractor interviews, appointments, pre-start meetings and contractual negotiations.

The hard work did not stop there for JRP as we then commenced the strategic process
of existing contractor withdrawal and newly appointed contractor integration. This was an essential element of the process as it was vitally important that service levels did not deteriorate during the transition period.