Complex Cleansing Project

Collectively our dedicated asbestos compliance team have over 60 years of experience in the asbestos industry, covering remediation, surveying, sample analysis, air analysis and consultancy in every sector. Our team have assisted clients with the management of project-related works, the ongoing management of asbestos, and the acquisition of new sites. Through careful management, strategic planning, and financial verification, we have succeeded in providing our clients with significant cost savings while maintaining an extremely high level of compliance.

As added value to our ongoing appointment delivering asbestos compliance services and to achieve clarity regarding their nondomestic compliance status, John Rowan and Partners recommended A2Dominion Group complete a full property cleansing exercise of circa, 17,000 lines of data. We have a successful long-term working relationship with A2Dominion Group, having worked with them for over 25 years.

Before starting this commission, John Rowan and Partners and A2Dominion Group agreed the fixed criteria as to the objectives and outcomes required, as well as any follow-on actions that would be established because of this exercise.

Throughout the review, several challenges and questions arose regarding the information provided by A2Dominion Group. To resolve this, we undertook a review and data cleanse. This approach ultimately resulted in the project being completed ahead of schedule and below budget. Following completion, we provided the client with a true and accurate pre-2000 non-domestic asset property list for which they were responsible under regulation 4, the duty to manage.

We then undertook a full review of the non-domestic asbestos register, which allowed for the creation of a comprehensive non-domestic remedial actions list. With the final list, we reviewed the material and priority risk scores and created a non-domestic asbestos remedial programme predominantly focused on a risk and location-based strategy.